Cosmetic dentistry has a series of treatments that can correct the appearance of teeth and gums to achieve a more beautiful and, in many cases, healthier smile.

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The 10 best dental aesthetics

Tooth whitening:

If you want to achieve a brighter, whiter smile, you can do it with a single visit to our dental office. The powerful whitening agents will allow you to achieve considerable and immediate effects with the help of a special light.

Porcelain veneers:

This treatment allows you to correct numerous smile defects immediately and permanently, maintaining your own teeth. They are considered one of the best dental aesthetic treatments today.

Dental implants:

It is the best functional and aesthetic option to recover lost teeth. The fixation provided by the titanium roots allows the porcelain crowns, bridges or dentures used to imitate the aesthetics, touch and function of the denture itself.

Dental bonding:

Uses composite to sculpt and contour teeth that are damaged or want to change shape. Imitates the characteristics of enamel.

Inlays / onlays:

Are small inlays made of porcelain that are made to fit perfectly in the cavities.


Those patients whose teeth are deformed, broken, chipped or with large cavities, find in the crowns a solution to resolve all defects at once.

Dental bridges:

It is a good option to aesthetically recover teeth in patients who cannot receive implants.

Correction of the gingival smile:

The gums are also very important to achieve a beautiful smile. Thanks to laser technology, it is very easy to reduce the amount of gum we show when we smile.

Invisalign invisible orthodontics:

Allows you to correct the placement and alignment of your teeth without anyone noticing that you are undergoing orthodontics. This is thanks to the use of transparent plastic splints.

Smile transformation – Patients who want multiple cosmetic treatments should consider this option, which involves a comprehensive smile assessment to establish a personalized treatment plan.


Maintaining oral health is more important than we think. If you want to avoid future illnesses, such as gum pain or tooth loss, it’s time for you to go to the nearest orthodontic clinic, we have a large team of experts and cutting edge technology.

For some, this myriad of options can be overwhelming. Especially if you are thinking about doing a whitening for the first time. To curl the bunch, many of the products sold online are not very effective and some may even be unsafe.